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We work with a wide variety of metallic materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, bronze and copper. Also plastic derivatives such as nylon, arnite and bakelite among others.

We are specialists in mechanized pieces of diverse geometry, with maximum apparent volume according to the following measures:

  • Machining of parts with milling machines and machining centers.

Assisted machining with technologically advanced software, CAD-CAM-CAE that streamlines the tasks of design, calculation and 3D digital machining. Parts of apparent volume up to 3000x1200x1500mm


  • Machining of parts with lathes.

Machining of cylindrical parts, shafts, washers, bearings, spindles and special plates up to 750mm in diameter and 1,500mm in length.


  • Other auxiliary machining.

We have all the necessary machining aids, including: cutting saw, press to unbend plates, boring machine and multi-diameter milling machine, chamfering machine and miter saw.