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VILUJOBA, S.L. begins its activity in the year 1967 as Workshop of Milling, Lathe and Rectified, being its main activity the Tangential Grinding of Molds . In less than ten years it has been consolidated in the market for quality and competitive prices and it is evolving and expanding its field of action.

The change of facilities of the Workshop, on the ground floor, to the factory in industrial warehouse in the polygon of Musseros, carries with it a technological development that consolidates VILUJOBA, S.L. as an Auxiliary Company of machining and development of very specific products.

This technological development implies a significant investment in manufacturing infrastructure, such as numerical control machining, tangential grinding, internal logistics of crane and storage bridges, more space and, above all, the creation of a Technical and Method Office that allows of CAD / CAM assisted programming installations, start up the Project Engineering and what is more important to communicate this office with the CNC machines getting an automation of the productive processes.

More than ten years ago, the ISO 9001 Quality System was implemented, giving safety and efficiency to its manufacturing processes, thereby achieving customer satisfaction.

At the moment VILUJOBA, S.L. is in a position to offer its customers with quality assurance and competitive prices, Design and Manufacture of Machines and Special Tools for Industrial Automation, Precision Machining through CNC Machining Centers in 3 dimensions, Tangential Grinding including large sizes, Auxiliary Machining and CAD / CAM engineering projects.